The all Star Wars gets re-cast with all-stars and stripes

People are constantly saying that there is a political side to Star Wars. So we took the liberty of looking for the connection between Star Wars and the Middle East. Some connections are based on character, some are based on looks.

Bush is Luke

But is Rice really Princess Leia?

Is Hillary really the Emperor?

Is Saddam really Darth Maul?

Is bin Laden really Darth Vader?

Bush 41 makes a great Obi-Wan

Powell is played by Samuel L Jackson

C3P0 = Tony Blair

Cynthia McKinney is Jar Jar.

Suicide Bombers = Stormtroopers.
Couldn’t hit anything with a gun.

Ewoks = Northern Alliance

Tom Daschle is Boba Fett.

R2D2 is Stephen Hawking

Al Gore = Trees of Endor
If you would like to speak with Al Gore, Click Here.

Common Component:
Looks, Character

He’s old and bald, so the visual connection is pretty clear. He’s wise and also a teacher. In addition he’s done his share of butt kicking.

Common Component:
You should be able to connect the dots on this one.
Common Component:
Nothing really goes here; we just thought he looks like Jabba the Hutt.
Common Component:
Nothing really goes here, either, but we were stunned by his resemblance to Watto from -Episode I-.
Common Component:
Common Component:
Big, hairy, smelly, manly. Those are the words that come to mind when you think of Janet Reno. Also we have proof that Janet Reno married a Florida Skunk Ape, see it for yourself.
Common Component:
Look at the eyes. Either picture. Move your head back and forth, from side to side. The eyes … they follow you. If you want to learn more about Allan Colmes, visit our Allan Colmes Magic Eye-Ball.

And Special Musical Guests: The Osbournes




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