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Islamic comic book reprint

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Here is a comic book from a place that does not believe in humor, much less would kill (literally) over this kind of stuff. These people that created this are Muslims and have some guts I must add. ME? I will be looking up for a few days to see if the bombs are falling for just republishing the Muslim comic book starring the prophets. Check out the comics and political cartoons by clicking the link below.

here is the link to the muslim, Islamic comic book 


muslim comic book front page image

Thats what I call fashion

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Adapting to new traditions and a small push from western culture towards better fashion and freedom towards woman, the new fashion magazine is born.

cosmotaliban magazine political cartoon and jokes

Holy Shit, Bush cannot be serious

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We care not that they bomb our homes, take our lands, shoot us… we will never surrender to those infidels!!

Look a new threat, ha ha, there is not much more they can do to us to make us talk.
Stupid Americans! we will never talk!

What a new note? No, Bush can not be this horrible, 10000 bombs did not make us flinch, but this is going too far. Anything but this. Holy Holy Shit! He is serious.

anything but sending the wives to college for the taliban terrorists - cartoon and political joke

Knock, Knock jokes in Afghanistan

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 Knock, Knock… whose there?

A not so funny joke Taliban style